Morning, 2009 | Glass, composite, concrete, steel. 18'h x 12'w x 12'd. Baker Botts, LLP Warner Building; Washington, DC. Commissioned by Baker Botts, LLP



Morning is suspended in a 42'h space and consists of three large steel rings, 80 cables, and approximately 550 pods. The top, outer ring measures 12' in diameter, and the interior two are both 4' in diameter. The cables with yellow pods hang down 18' from the upper 4' ring and form the interior of the piece. The cables with gray/blue pods hang from the 12' ring, form a gentle curve, and attach to the lower 4' ring. The interior yellow pods "peek" through from behind the blue pods, as morning light emerges from the blue night. Sitting under a skylight, the pods catch and reflect the natural light of the day.


Photos: Lisa Jacoby