Ann Gardner Solo Show | Winston Wächter Fine Art | July - August 2017 |  Seattle, Wa.

Air Water Earth | New works presented by Ann Gardner at Winston Wächter Fine Art |  Seattle, Wa.


"My work comes from an instinct of how to coax materials to speak my language. This show uses that instinct to interpret natural elements I encounter daily - a personal dip into what forms my visual world. The glass pieces are shaped by human breath blown into molten glass - each is unique in size and shape and the transparency of the glass overlaps, forming new organic shapes - just as air bubbles in water. The mosaic panels reference the quiet, contemplative colors of the light around the surface of water I see on my daily walks. The bronzes are organic shapes that are all around us - energetic and demanding - a nod to my garden and what lies there. All three bodies of work come from the natural world - allowing an exploration of what is in front of me using materials that in simple ways expose that inquiry. " -Ann Gardner, 2017